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Project Description

Snowflake makes the life easier for each developer that is using LINQ To SQL as data access layer in his project. It's lightweight data access framework on the top of LINQ To SQL Framework. It follows the same ideas behind DataTable and DataRow in ADO.NET, but in entity context.

Snowflake is an open source project freely available under the Microsoft Public License. You can get the latest sources by clicking on the Source Code tab at the top of this page or simply by clicking here.

Project News

  • 22 October 2009 Official launch of the project with public pre-alpha version of Snowflake Framework
    • We are welcome any body that can give feedback or participate in the project. Even though that the project is developed by only one person, I hope to contribute it as much as I can. I'm looking forward to meet any other fellows in the proejct.

Project Infromation

Support and Community

We are looking forward to welcome any person with great ideas to join our team. There are tons of ways to contribute to the Snowflake project and become a part of the team. If you are interested in joining the development team, please start with the items listed below. Once we get comfortable with you and your contributions, we’d be happy to add you to the team of developers.
  • Extend or create new documentation on the Snowflake wiki.
  • Give questions or answer questions on the discussion board.
  • Share an idea for a new feature or a give us some feedback on the forums.
  • Tell your friends about Snowflake.
  • Take a look at the issue tracker and see if you can find a solution to some of the task listed there. Post your research, code or both in the comments so it can be used for the new features.
  • As you get more involved in contributing, you might even consider design and implement a new feature.

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